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You are not alone

In April 2020, 20.5 million jobs were lost, and the unemployment rate in the U.S jumped to 14.7 %. This is the worst devastation since the Great Depression.

Since May 2020, the unemployment rate has slowed a bit, but the unemployment rate number is still underestimating the amount of distress that Americans are facing right now because it understates how many people have lost jobs.

This is bigger than just an alarming economic issue; it also has large implications for mental and emotional health. Losing your job not only takes away the ability to make income, but a lot of times it also takes a heavy toll on your mood, relationship, and overall perception of self-worth and self-esteem.

We hope to help with the latter by sending you some positivity at the start of each day, and to remind you that you are not alone, things will get better and uncertainty breeds new opportunities and action.

Here's how we can help

Positivity makes us all stronger

We designed a text message content plan specifically for people who have lost their jobs recently. We know that you're dealing with a lot, and we want to help in every little way we can. We're starting with spreading positivity.

No spam and crappy texts

Text messages that most companies send are either too impersonal, too salesy, too robotic, or simply just terrible. We hate that. We will never distribute your phone number to anyone ever and will only text you for the duration of the service.

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